Canine Massage

As board certified neuromuscular therapists, we are qualified to offer canine massage. Cost for service is $35 for an average session (usually 30 minutes). The service charge includes driving to and from your home as pets are more comfortable in their own environment. You’ve likely had a massage yourself for aches and pains so you know just how good it can feel for the older dog or canine athlete.


Our sitting services run $20 for each visit. This will cover the feeding, watering and playing with your pets along with bringing in your mail and newspaper. During each visit we will also change the cat litter and shovel the dog poop from the yard if needed. If necessary, we will water the plants (if there are more than 2 dozen plants we may add a surcharge for watering), switch around the lights, bring the garbage to and from the curb as well.

We do not penalize people on a multi-pet basis so if we run into a situation such as ours where there are a large number of pets, not to worry. WE DO NOT CHARGE BASED ON THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS. We feel this is punitive to those who are so heavily involved in rescue such as ourselves. Please do bear in mind however that the amount of time spent in the home to care for extra pets may impact the price.

Please also note that we DO NOT CHARGE MORE FOR HOLIDAYS. Why would you hire a pet sitter to go on vacation if the pet sitter is going to be punitive by charging more just because it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Year’s? We have a flat rate of $20 a visit or $65 a day if we live in the home. There are NO HIDDEN charges or fees.

We are also pleased to announce that we are available for house sitting as well as straight pet sitting. This way your pet has our complete attention and truly feels that nothing about their routine has changed. Please call to discuss our rates and availability as this option does fill up quickly.

We are members in good standing of Pet Sitters International. As all good pet sitters who are concerned with the protection of their clients, we are bonded and insured.

“Valerie and Steve are the perfect pet sitters with their special education and dedication to rescue animals. Their knowledge and experience concerning pet discipline, health, and breeds are invaluable for any pet owner. You can be guaranteed I’d depend on them for my pets care.” (Kathi Ellick, [our first client] June 2004)

Play Date Visits

We all have very busy schedules in our lives and sometimes, fitting a good walk or exercise time for your pet is just not feasible. We will, for $25, come to your home, pick up your dog and take them out for a play date and/or introduce them to one of our dogs who will come to your house to play. We will be there for at least one hour of supervised play time. You may stop worrying about leaving work early to get your pet some much deserved excercise.

Vet or Grooming Visit

Fitting in a visit to the vet or groomer is hard to do sometimes. For $25 we will come to your home, pick up your dog or cat (sorry, we just don’t deal with snakes or other reptiles), and take them to and from the vet’s or groomer’s office. We will wait there for the animal to be treated and bring them home. Now, no more worrying about disrupting the work/school schedule to get to the vet’s/groomer’s.

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