I can’t say enough about Upstate Pet Sitting.  Usually I’m so worried about leaving my 3 cats and 3 large dogs that I have someone spend the night at home.  But with Upstate Pet Sitting, the animals are just so content when I get home that it’s like I was there. I know that time was spent with them — even staying with them to watch a movie or play in the yard. There is nothing like knowing that the pet family is so well cared for in my absence — to know that they are loved as if I were there.  As for above and beyond the usual — Valerie took my newly found and injured kitten with her for the entire day rather than leave him alone!  Upstate Pet Sitting is a wonderful blessing to me (and to Taylor, Pickens, Jasper, Bear, Madison, and Chloe).


Upstate Pet Sitting is a fantastic service.  Valerie and Steve have cared for our two dogs and cat for several years and each time we couldn’t have been more pleased.  They both truly love animals and it shows. Not only do they take good care of your pets, but it is incredibly nice to come in after a long trip to find all your mail neatly sorted for you! I’ve recommended them to several friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.


Valerie has taken care of our two cats on many occasions over the last few years. We used to stress and worry when away from our “kids;” but with Valerie the stress and worry goes away. We still miss them, but do not worry about them. Valerie takes care of all their unusual quirks and needs. We know our cats have been well cared for and happy when we return and they don’t appear to have missed us at all.


My animal family (dog, rabbits, and birds) is a bit older and frequently require medication, special foods, or special exercise. Valerie has a 100%, “That’s no problem, I can do that,” response and the animals benefit from her kindness and consideration to them in addition to professional care.


We have used Steve and Valerie since 2006 for our pet sitters. They are the most dependable people we have ever had, and we have hired several. They do exactly what you request for them to do and more. Our German Sheppard dogs get to go on rides with them in the car!!!!!! The kindness and compassion they give let you go away with peace of mind that all is well with your animals!!!!!!


Since the summer of 2008, Valerie has been an integral part of our family. She has been our pet sitter or more appropriately, our life saver. When we moved into our new home, we quickly realized that random access from our back yard to our garage through the doggie door would not be a viable option for our pets. As my wife and I both work at a distance from the house, we needed a better solution. Valerie has provided us with a peace of mind that we could not have had otherwise. She is there every day to see to that the animals are walked and that there are not any unwanted surprises when we return home at night.

The animals love Miss Valerie and look forward to her daily visits. She has an unbelievable gift with all our animals which, I am sure, comes from her sincere love for all God’s creatures! Since Valerie started her service with us, we have added four more pets to our household. This brings our total to six with three dogs and three cats. During this period, Valerie has been very flexible with our needs as our pet family grew. I dare say that we could not find anyone with whom we feel as comfortable. She is part of our extended family and we highly recommend her. Lastly, she conducts her business in a professional manner and is completely reliable. I can’t imagine attempting our routine without Miss Valerie.


Valerie’s reliability has brought me peace of mind whenever I had to travel. She has taken care of my one cat several times so far, even on very short notice. Every time I came back, the cat seemed happy and relaxed, and everything was in good order. It’s nice to know that I can count on a responsible, reliable, and trustworthy person to take care of my cat and the house whenever I’m away!


My boyfriend and I have been using Upstate Pet Sitting for over a year now and we could not be happier! We have three Chihuahua’s, who each have their own delicate personalities. Although Valerie and Steve mostly own large dogs, they are amazing with them! They give our dogs the same quality attention that we give them, sometimes better since when we return home from either an overnight trip or a week away – they are happy, 100% adjusted and seemingly spoiled! There is no one else we would trust our dogs with!!


Upstate Pet Sitting (Valerie and Steve) have been caring for my pets since 2007. I can say without hesitation that not only do I walk out the door knowing that my pets will be well cared for and safe, I am confident they will have fun too. Since Valerie or Steve come live in my home, there is no worry about having to drop them off somewhere unfamiliar or put them in a kennel where I am not certain of the care they receive. I am also not bound by someone else’s timeframe for pick up or drop off.

Valerie and Steve love and care for my 2 dogs like they are their own. They stay in touch with me while I am traveling to let me know how my boys are doing and of course, alert me if anything is wrong. They are extremely knowledgeable about pet care, dependable and reliable. I would highly recommend their service to anyone that loves their pets but has to travel.

Lisa & Alan

We have been using Upstate Pet Sitting for over four years and highly recommend Steve & Valerie. Our children are grown and out of the house so our two Springers, Josie & Abby, have taken their place. We are always confident that our girls are given the best of care and knowing this puts our minds at ease while we’re away. Steve & Valerie don’t just let them out and feed them; they spend quality time with each pet making sure each is well taken care of. We appreciate the fact that our girls are always shown the same love and affection that they get from us.


Upstate Pet Sitting has taken care of my cats since 2005. It’s been nice to be able to go on vacation without worrying about my “children.” Valerie and Steve not only take great care of my kitties, but they also leave me messages everyday so I can know that they are OK. Thanks a bunch.


Valerie, at Upstate Pet Sitting, is the only person I trust with our cat, Elsie. She spends an hour per visit treating our “girl” like she is her own, making certain that food and water are available and litter boxes are clean and fresh. Requesting information concerning veterinary care, where we can be reached, and giving us a phone number so she can be contacted gives us peace of mind. This eliminates the need for Elsie to be “caged” for the length of our trip in a strange and noisy environment where she is uncomfortable and unhappy. There’s no service in the area that can compare with Upstate Pet Sitting.

The Zarras

We are totally in your debt for all you have done for us. I, we, thought long and hard about how to handle this situation as we had to make this move. Then Upstate Pet Sitting came into our lives and were so willing to take on older dogs. The Zarra Family thanks both of you so very much for your compassion, commitment and caring. Both of you have a wonderful touch with the world’s four legged kids.

Again, y’all offer a wonderful, lifesaving and life supporting service. Thanks for caring for the world’s creatures and helping families that are in stress, like ours, know that their loved ones are well taken care of. God has blessed both of you with an amazing gift of animal compassion.


I knew within minutes of meeting Valerie that she was the pet sitter for me. She walked into my house and immediately sat on the floor with the dogs. She met them and greeted them before greeting me! I love that.

My pets love her. I have 3 dogs and a cat. She makes it possible for me to go away and forget to worry about my pets. I now have the best time when I go on a trip. And when I have a long day in Greenville or Atlanta, I just give her a call and she pops up and feeds the dogs and gives them loving so I can enjoy myself with no worries about the pets.

Thank you Valerie and Steve for loving my pets and taking such good care of them when I am away!


Just writing to say that I think your service is just wonderful and a real lifesaver for the conscientious pet owner. I felt so bad about having Cally cooped up when she was being boarded that I hardly wanted to go away for vacation. So it was a great relief to find such reliable and caring people to visit and interact with the furry members of our family. Keep up the good work!


I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to go away on a business trip and come home to find my pets not only well loved but the supply of newspaper for the litter boxes has been refreshed, the dog collar that was chewed to pieces has been replaced and there is often a new box of doggie treats in the cookie jar! You and Valerie are the BEST pet sitters I have ever used and the ONLY pet sitters I will ever use! Thank you from our household of eight quirky pets and two devoted parents.


Steve and Valerie are wonderful! They take such great care of our precious girl, Friday. They spoiled her like we do and love her so much! It means a lot to have found such wonderful people to take care of your loved ones. We couldn’t be happier and Friday can’t wait to see you again! Thank you for treating our dog child like yours!


Thanks Valerie; your competency and professionalism truly give me peace of mind.

The Todd’s

Hi Valerie & Steve, George and I want to tell you how much we appreciate Steve taking care of our old babies. Steve you did a great job. They were so calm on our return. So much better than taking them to kennel. I wish I had discovered your service before now. I felt so comfortable with them in your care. It truly helped us enjoy and relax at George’s reunion and have a great time. It was so special when you sent a text on Saturday. We will definitely call you again and refer you to others.

The Rowland’s

Valerie, We have seen a huge difference in Killian this week thanks to your visits. He has been back to his old happy self…very playful and more interested in his food! Thanks again for everything!

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